First100 launches leadership schools

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First100, a specialist 'first 100 days' leadership performance acceleration company, is to launch its own coaching schools in London and New York.

First100 is launching the schools from April 2001 making the unique First100assist methodology available to organisations to roll out internally. In launching the First100 Coaching Schools, the company is bringing together many years of experience in leadership coaching which has seen it work with hundreds of newly appointed senior executives and teams across blue chip corporations and public sector organisations. First100 has a large client portfolio that includes Accenture, Vodafone, Telefonica 02, John West Foods, Sun Life and Merck. The company helps senior executives develop and deliver a robust first 100 days plan when they embark on a new appointment in an organisation. The appointment can be an external hire or an internal promotion, while First100 also works with newly formed teams in their first 100 days. Among the issues tackled is the need for a clear vision, strong self–management, understanding an organisations politics, an ability to bring people with you and the need to get fast results. Fiona OKeeffe, First100s global marketing director, said: " By launching the coaching schools we are making our First100 framework and methodology accessible on a far wider scale. Whereas up until now, First100s coaches have had to deliver the programme, the schools will provide an organisations internal coach or human resources director with the necessary skills to roll out the methodology internally, coaching all new strategic appointments in their critical first 100 days. It will lead to a massive cascade effect in leadership performance within organisations creating an immediate and significant return on investment from the programme. " Niamh OKeeffe, founder and managing director of First 100, said: " The first 100 days of a new role has a major determining factor on overall leadership performance and impact in the first 12 months and beyond. Those who attend one of our coaching schools will be coached and certified on how to use First100assist to coach senior executives in the first 100 days of a critical role transition. " Mark Spelman, global head of strategy with Accenture, said: " The global business landscape has become much more uncertain and volatile. Leaders have to combine setting direction with operational agility, managing risk and building new teams. First100assist provides a very helpful set of frameworks and exercises for leaders as they embark on new roles in challenging times. The value from the approach comes through the focus and pace required to make an impact quickly. " The locations for the coaching schools will be the London School of Economics and Columbia University in New York. The programme manager for the London school will be Padraig Coffey while Fiona OKeeffe will act as programme manager in New York.

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