Rio 2016 Institute launched

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A new joint venture between the Rio de Janeiro City Council and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Organising Committee – The Rio 2016 Institute – was launched in early May 2010.

The new municipal agency will have a team exclusively dedicated to the planning and monitoring of the Olympic project. It will also be the City Council connection between the national and international agents, the state and federal governments, the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), the Rio 2016 Committee and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Rio 2016 president, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, and the marketing and communications director, Leonardo Gryner, were present at the launch of the Institute. "The Rio 2016 Institute will interact with the Rio 2016 Committee, and is one more excellent action. Mayor Eduardo Paes has been doing very well before his responsibilities related with the Olympic Games", said Nuzman. Among the tasks of the Rio 2016 Institute, will be the elaboration and monitoring of the City Council projects related to the preparation of the Olympic Games, and the follow–up of the budget resources application. The main office will be in the Docks area, as a part of the revitalisation project of that part of town. The Institute, which is still in the early stages of development, is to consist of an exclusive team of up to 35 experts that will closely accompany the approximately 70 projects already in the works and help ensure works are on track and adhering to required transparency and budgetary procedures. Meanwhile, the ODA, a public consortium formed by the federal government, the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Rio de Janeiro City Council, was officially launched on 14 May 2010. ODA is one of the guarantees Brazil offered the IOC during Rio's bid to host the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics Games. The model was inspired by the Sydney 2000 and London 2012 Olympic Games. Its objective is to coordinate the public services, the implementation and delivery of the necessary infrastructure of the organisation and accomplishment of the Games, while the Rio 2016 Committee is responsible for its operation. "The concern is to create mechanisms that can simplify some contracts, speed up the contracting of some services so that we are able to deliver the calendar, which is very strict. Those mechanisms will only serve Olympic projects, a group of projects that has direct impact on the preparation of the Games", said Brazil's minister of sports, Orlando Silva. The minister also announced that the ODA and the Brazilian Company of Sports Legacy will be located in Rio. The aim of this latter public company, according to Silva, is to serve as the executive arm of the consortium. " The consortium has the role, above all, of coordinating the government actions, the seal of the projects, which must be in accordance with the IOC and with Brazil commitments, and the execution of works and services, that is done but this company, " he said.

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