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Brazil hosting the 2016 Olympics and 2014 FIFA World Cup will bring massive investment for tourism. Real Brazil Travel offers luxury travel options and said there are many advantages to visiting the country now.

The boutique travel agency specialising in luxury travel to Brazil said the country is one of the best kept secrets for such high–level travel, although most people only know the country for its natural beauty, Carnival and Caipirinhas. Future developments added to an already established infrastructure, support luxury travel across the country, not just in Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro was chosen to host the 2016 Olympic Games, the first time a city in South America has been elected. Additionally, Brazil has been selected to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Several development projects are underway to prepare for these events, and to showcase the country as a major tourism destination. In Rio alone, hotel capacity is expected to more than double from its current total of 22, 000 rooms to over 45, 000 to accommodate visitors for the Olympic Games. Brazil's Ministry of Tourism expects funding of nearly $17bn from public and private investors for projects including transportation, luxury hotels, restaurants, and other tourist attractions in preparation for the games. Developments for 2016 do not mean travellers need to wait to visit the country however. For instance, there are already several options for luxury destinations and accommodations in Brazil. The sooner those looking for off the–beaten–path places visit there, the more they will discover authentic experiences before it gets too popular and prices start increasing. According to Daniela Schuch, founder of Real Brazil Travel: "Today's discerning traveller is looking for luxury that feels real and authentic. They want to connect with the local people, support environmental practices and still travel in style. " She added: "Our clients are being advised to change their annual luxury trips to Europe and try Brazil instead. The feedback they've given us is they loved it. "There are many under–the–radar, yet luxurious options including: Angra dos Reis–A short drive from Rio, its 2, 000 beaches, 365 islands, and upscale accommodations are perfect for travellers looking to get away from the crowds of nearby Rio de Janeiro. Trancoso – South of Salvador–Bahia, this beach has received lots of attention recently for being a hip, chic destination but still unspoiled. Florianopolis–Located in Southern Brazil, it's an island with 42 unique, idyllic beaches that differ from the rest of Brazil's coast. Fernando de Noronha – An archipelago 200 miles from Recife, is essentially a nature preserve, offering world class diving and eco–tourism options.

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