Tenders news causes complaint

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The Brazilian federal government has put forward the idea of altering the existing regulations for public tenders to add flexibility and speed up the overall process to assist finishing FIFA World Cup 2014 and Rio 2016 projects within required timeframes.

However, the move has been labelled as unconstitutional by an attorney of the Federal Government's Accounting Court (Tribunal de Contas da União). According to Marinus Marsico, the measure will probably raise controversy in the Brazilian Congress. Brazilian sports minister Orlando Silva said the country must invest $20bn in infrastructure projects and public transportation to prepare for hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Silva said that 53 transportation projects were in the planning stage and some had already been contracted. Silva said in April 2010 that some cities slated to host FIFA World Cup games in 2014 may be removed from the list if they did not start renovating older stadiums or building new ones. FIFA has approved 12 cities to host the 2014 games in Brazil. Silva has said eight would be enough for the event. He did not say which cities were running behind schedule.

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