BT signs 2012 deal

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BT has signed a deal with Olympic Broadcasting Services London Ltd (OBSL), to deliver the broadcast and media network for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

As the Official Communications Services Partner for the Games, BT is delivering the critical communications infrastructure required to support the event. This new partnership with OBS further enhances BT's role in providing the vital communications services and expertise which will underpin the greatest sporting event in the world. BT's fibre–based network will carry broadcast signals from and between the majority of venues to OBSL's broadcast centre, for onward transmission to broadcasters across the world. This will enable billions of people across the globe to watch the Games in High Definition (HD). At present the broadcast and media network will cover 21 Olympic UK locations, with the majority of services within the London area. Duncan Ingram, group director, BT London 2012, said: "This is an exciting partnership and one where we will work closely with Olympic Broadcasting Services London to help provide essential Olympic sports viewing. " Paul Mason, head of Olympic Broadcasting Services London Ltd, said: "We are confident that BT has the depth and expertise to deliver OBS's Games coverage to the International Broadcast Centre with the essential Olympic standards of quality and resilience. "

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