Metro expansion started

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At the end of June 2010, governor SÉrgio Cabral started the perforation work of the Metro Line 4 tunnel, which will make the connection between the Western and Southern Zones of the city, where two of the four sports competition clusters will be installed for the Rio 2016 Games.

Metro Line 4 is part of a group of infrastructure legacy commitments of the Olympic Games to the city, which the three levels of government took up with the International Olympic Committee during the Rio bid. At the ceremony for the beginning of the constructions, governor Cabral said that the Metro Line 4 will be delivered to the population in 2015. "This is going to be a great legacy for the next generations. We are building the 2016 generation, which will have a lot better quality of life, which will live in a lot better city. And we said that while we were fighting to get the Olympic Games, " stated the Governor. Rio 2016 Games Organising Committee president, Carlos Nuzman, present at the event, congratulated governor SÉrgio Cabral for the political decision of embracing the Games cause and believing in the investment in the city of Rio de Janeiro. "I consider this work as an icon of the transformation that the Olympic Games can do for a city, " stated Nuzman. Prior to the start of the beginning of the construction, 1, 500 native plants were withdrawn, most of which were bromeliads, from the area where the digging will take place. The plants were taken to the Botanical Gardens of Rio. The action shows the commitment the Rio government has to the environment–a vision that will govern procedures from beginning to end.

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