Brazil welcomed by UN

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Brazilian government representatives have been specially invited to the UN Millennium Development Goals summit in New York (20–22 September) in recognition of the country's progress in combating hunger and extreme poverty.

Among those attending will be social development minister Márcia Lopes, who said " Brazil is doing away with hunger thanks to integrated public policies on food and nutritional security. " The Millennium Development Goals consist of eight targets set by the UN in 2000, with a deadline of 2015. Brazil has already achieved the first of the goals, that of halving the proportion of the population living on less than one dollar a day, and is well on course to meet the fourth, which called for a two–thirds reduction in child mortality. A report in 2009 by the NGO ActionAid placed Brazil top of a ranking of developing countries in terms of its progress in combating hunger, citing it as an example of what can be done when a state 'has both resources and political will' to tackle the problem. The report praised the Fome Zero (Zero Hunger) programme, introduced in 2003 with the aim of guaranteeing that every Brazilian has access to sufficient food. Encompassing a broad range of initiatives including cash transfers, food banks, community kitchens and free school meals, Fome Zero has made a major contribution to the drastic fall in child malnutrition and mortality. This story first appeared on the website of the Brazilian Embassy in London. For further stories, download the PDF attached.

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