Rio 2016 announces marketing programme

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Companies associating with the Rio 2016 will have access to a range of benefits and rights that will extend for the next six years. Bradesco is the first official Rio 2016 Olympic Games sponsor and telecommunications will be the next category to be negotiated.

The Rio 2016 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games has presented its Commercial Project, a communications platform of up to six years for companies to strengthen their brands, establish new relations and expand their business from the association with the Rio 2016 Games. "The Olympic partnership establishes a new model of sponsorship in Brazil, since it works with the concept of long term partnership, generating concrete benefits for the companies, which extends beyond the period of the Games, " Carlos Arthur Nuzman, Rio 2016 Committee president stated. "And we are honored to start the Games commercial project with Bradesco as our first national sponsor, as a demonstration of confidence in the Brazilian market in the Rio 2016 Games. " The Commercial Project translates into a broad set of rights and benefits that will be offered to companies in three levels, allowing the association of different sized brands: – Official Sponsor–level 1– Supporter–level 2– Supplier–level 3. On each level, partnerships will be negotiated by categories, which represent the several different segments of the economy. And on each category there will be a sponsor. The Rio 2016 Committee will make a market study to assess the potential of each segment of the economy and thus set a minimum amount for the sponsorship of the category. In the case of Financial and Insurance Services, in which Bradesco is the official sponsor, the minimum amount set by the Rio 2016 Committee was five hundred and seventy million Reais (R570m) or three hundred and twenty million American dollars ($320m), including direct transfer of resources and supply of financial, banking and insurance services at Games time. Rio 2016 Committee CEO, Leonardo Gryner, explained that "Bradesco submitted the best bid, which also includes projects that support the development of the Brazilian Olympic sport and the promotion of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the country. " The Rio 2016 Olympic Games sponsor also becomes a sponsor of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC). "Negotiations will be directly led by the Rio 2016 Committee, " added Maggie Sanchez, Rio 2016 Committee executive commercial director, an American economist, with professional experience at Microsoft and Vodafone, who came to Brazil to take over and lead the Rio 2016 Games Commercial Project. She reveals that negotiations for the telecommunications official category have already started. For Level 1, Official Sponsor, the Rio 2016 Committee is working with the external consultancy of Banco Pontual, which is responsible for giving support to the Committee in defining the minimum amount of the category, phases of the process and evaluation of the bidding and final negotiation. The rights of association with the Games start on 1 January 2011, when the companies will already be allowed to use the official logo of the Games in their communications and activation. The logo will be launched by the Rio 2016 Committee on 31 December 2010. Currently, the Rio 2016 Games have eight global sponsors: Coca–Cola, Atos Origin, Dow Chemical, Omega, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, Samsung and Visa. The rights and benefits that will be offered the sponsors over the next six years can be classified in six major groups, and apply to the properties of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the BOC. 1–Institutional Rights: exclusivity in their category, use of names (e. g. Rio 2016 Olympic Games Official Sponsor), access to the Olympic collection, preference in additional activations. 2–Promotional Rights: rights to develop publicity with internal and external public associated with the Games. 3–Visibility Rights: brand exposed in official locations of the Games (except arenas, fields and swimming pools), on the official internet channels and in official publications and Rio 2016 Committee acquired media. 4–Communications Rights: use of the Games brand in products and campaigns. 5–Rights of Relations Share/Hospitality: rights to build a Hospitality Center (HC) of your brand and an area of interaction of your brand with the audience, access to the official quotas of tickets and accommodation. 6–Rights of Supplies: supply your services and products to the Games. "Besides the rights of associating your brand with the Rio 2016 Games image, the sponsorship allows companies to develop powerful brand experiences with customers, client partners and co–workers, appropriating all the positive attributes of the Olympic movement, " Sanchez concluded, reinforcing that "the association with the Games establishes a new level for companies' businesses on immediate and long terms. "

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