Brazil assumes presidency

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On 1 February 2011, Brazil assumed the presidency of the United Nations Security Council. The presidency is in charge of setting the Council's agenda and conducting formal and informal sessions on major international peace and security issues.

In February 2011, the Security Council agenda will include the situations in Haiti, the Middle East, Sudan, Guinea–Bissau, East Timor, Somalia, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Kosovo, as well as the sanctions regime against North Korea. On 11 February Brazil will hold a thematic debate, chaired by foreign minister Antonio Patriota, on the interdependence between security and development in dealing with conflict and post–conflict situations. Debates on specific aspects of peacekeeping operations are also expected to take place, including the protection of civilians, women and children in armed conflicts. The Council may also address other issues, regarding the maintenance of international peace and security, which may be brought to its immediate attention. The Security Council presidency rotates monthly among its 15 members according to the alphabetical order of their names in English. In March 2011 Brazil will hand over the presidency to China.

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