Tourism up in Brazil

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According to figures released at the end of January 2011 by the Central Bank, expenditure by foreign tourists in Brazil during 2010 was $5.92bn " the highest ever total, and an increase of more than 11% in comparison with 2009.

The figure for December 2010, the start of the summer season, was $607m – more than 17% up on December 2009. The figures include tourists foreign exchange transactions and credit card spending. The president of Brazils national tourism organization (Embratur), MÃírio MoysÉs, noted that the increase in foreign tourists' expenditure in Brazil during 2010 was roughly double the average worldwide increase, which suggests Brazil is establishing itself as a major player in the competitive international market. Tourism minister Pedro Novais said the figures showed Brazil is succeeding in its aim of increasing the average length of stay by foreign visitors.

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