Brazil has security role

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India's external affairs minister S M Krishna has said that the IBSA (India, Brazil and South Africa) countries should be in a position to collaborate closely on major issues before the agenda of the United Nations Security Council starting from 1 January 2011.

Speaking during the IBSA ministerial meeting in New York at the end of September 2010, Krishna said: " With our shared values and ideologies and common priorities, the IBSA countries should be in a position to collaborate closely on major issues. " He said it is no coincidence that all three countries are key drivers behind the demand for greater democratisation and reform of the UN system. " I think we all agree that our collaboration should focus foremost on reform of the UN Security Council to make the organisation representative of contemporary global realties, " he added. He further said that in January 2011, the international community will have to address important developments in the Sudan. " This is likely to be among the major issues that the Security Council would have to address, " he said. " We need to coordinate our positions on this. South Africa has been playing an important role and we look forward to your wise counsel on the matter, " he added. " The Iran nuclear issue is another important matter that our three countries would have to deal with. " India has substantial interests in the region and traditional friendship with Iran. This applies in large measure also to South Africa. Our delegations should coordinate positions on the matter, " he said. Saying that the three countries are also major peacekeeping nations, Krishna said: " We have built up a large reservoir of experience and tools. We look forward to exchanging views on this important area as well. ","43

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