New buses for Rio

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The Rio de Janeiro State Transports Bureau and the Economic, Energy, Industry and Services Development Bureau has presented its new bus with CNG and diesel flex technology at Aterro do Flamengo.

Developed by a private initiative within the Rio Sustainable Transport Programme of the Rio State government, the prototype is part of the government plan to assure more efficient and sustainable transport for the city, which will receive the greatest sporting events in the world on the next years. Using national technology, the bus accepts up to 90% of CNG in its fuel injection system. With that, it reduces in 80% the emission of particulate matter, one of the main villains in urban centres, and in 20% the emission of CO2, one of the main causes of global warming. " This project arises from the environmental conscience of the companies, gathering sustainability with urban transport qualification. For us, to deliver one more fruit of the partnership between public and private is very rewarding. All is done in order to enhance the life quality of our people, " said Rio's governor, SÉrgio Cabral. This is the first bus with CNG and diesel flex technology ratified by INMETRO. The next step is the testing phase, that will be followed by the producer company together with the Transport Engineering Programme of the COPPE/UFRJ.

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