Two year milestone

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Carlos Arthur Nuzman, Rio 2016 Organising Committee president, talks about the latest milestone in the country's history....

Two years ago, thousands of people foregathered, in Brazil, to cheer for Rios bid victory as the host city of the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In Copenhagen, a team, also made of Brazilians, awaited anxiously for the announcement of Jacques Rogge, International Olympic Committee president. And, finally, the sign was turned. And Rio de Janeiro was chosen. And Brazil won the chance of hosting the greatest sporting event in the world. Because of that, Brazil could bring the Games to the South America for the first time. Here is the Official Notice from Carlos Arthur Nuzman, Rio 2016 Organising Committee president, two years after the victory:2 October 2009: a day that went down in historyTwo years ago, Rio de Janeiro and Brazil won another historical date in its calendar: the day that we conquered the right of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games for the first time. Because this milestone deserves to be valued, I make a point of starting my presentations concerning the theme with the video that recalls this unprecedented achievement. That day, the efforts of a decade ended up turning into reality the dream of bringing the Olympic and Paralympic Games to the country. Today, we are making progress in order to deliver memorable Games. And recollecting the October 2, 2009, is to reinforce in each one of us the motivation of contributing to the deliverance of successful Games, generating sustainable changes. Today, we celebrate that turning point in the history of the Brazilian sport. Having this spirit in mind, I invite you all to remember the feelings of that day and to celebrate that moment, which is an achievement of everyone. Greetings, Carlos Arthur Nuzman

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