Brazil gets thumbs up

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According to the Ministry of Tourism and Embassy of Brazil in London, in a recent survey, 32% of foreign visitors said their experiences in Brazil exceeded their expectations " a higher proportion than ever before " and a further 53% said they were entirely satisfied with their stays.

Even more gratifying was the fact that 96% of them said they intended to return to Brazil in future. The survey, conducted over a period of 10 months, consisted of 300 researchers conducting interviews with around 39 thousand foreign visitors at the country's international airports and border crossings. In the period when the survey was conducted, 46% of foreign visitors were from other South American countries, 31% from Europe, and 15% from North America. Argentina and the US together accounted for 40% of all visitors. The UK provided 4% of all visitors. Among those who came on holiday rather than on business, 31% said information on the internet had persuaded them to choose Brazil while 28% said recommendations from family and friends had been decisive. The biggest specific attractions for holidaymakers were 'sun and beaches' (60% of respondents) and 'nature, ecotourism or adventure' (27%). By the end of 2011 there will probably have been around 5. 4m arrivals in Brazil by foreign travellers, which would represent an increase of 300 thousand in comparison with 2010 (5. 1m). The four states most visited by holidaymakers were, in descending order, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, ParanÃí and Sáo Paulo. The four states most visited by business travellers were Rio de Janeiro, Sáo Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul and ParanÃí. FlorianÃpolis, in Santa Catarina, stood out as the destination with the biggest increase in foreign visitors since the previous survey conducted in 2004.

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