Silva replaced in Brazil

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Orlando Silva, the Brazilian sports minister, has resigned his position in the wake of corruption allegations but denied claims that he has accepted illegal payments.

The Brazilian organizing committee for the 2016 Games has since issued a statement on the appointment of the countrys new sports minister Aldo Rebelo following the departure of Silva. Silva, who had been very active with the Rio 2016 bid and consequently the organising committee, was also very involved with the 2014 FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil. He has been accused of embezzlement of funds destined to social programmes that were funded by the ministry. An investigation has been opened by the supreme court to determine if Silva allegedly took funds for personal use and to help the Communist Party. The statement said: " The Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016 wishes to congratulate Congressman Aldo Rebelo (PcdoB–SP) for his appointment to head the Ministry of Sport. " The political career of Congressman Aldo Rebelo and his courageous defence of the Brazilian interests give rise to the most promising perspectives for sport development in our country. " We are convinced that the indispensable partnership between the Ministry of Sport, BOC, Brazilian Olympic Sport Confederations and the clubs and sport associations will continue to exist. " As soon reasonably as feasible, the BOC will propose an agenda of meetings with the new minister to discuss the projects of interest to Brazilian Olympic sport in the scenario of significant challenges that lies ahead. "

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