Rio Carnival - to get bigger, wilder

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The Rio de Janeiro Sambodromo now has four new sectors and will undergo a facelift for the 2012 Rio Carnival. The venue will now seat 80,000 people.

The Rio 2012 Carnival is around the corner, with hotels and carnival venues in Rio filling up fast. The venue for the mother of all carnival celebrations, the Rio Sambodromo, gets a facelift this year, gearing up not just for the biggest party on the planet but for the 2016 Olympics as well. With an ever increasing number of tourists from around the globe heading to Rio for the Carnival, the biggest stage on earth will now accommodate over 80, 000 people, which is obviously not enough considering the fact that millions of revelers desire to get the best seats at the Samba Parade. According to a spokesperson of Bookers International, a Miami–based fully licensed tour operator that caters to thousands of customers during the Rio Carnival, luxury suites in Sector 2 have been demolished to make way for four new blocks designated as Sectors 2, 4, 6 and 8. These sectors will feature grandstand seating that offers a birds eye view of the runway at the Sambodromo, open boxes, and luxury suites. Carnival enthusiasts will be glad to know that the Rio de Janeiro Carnival has room for an additional 2, 880 spectators in the grandstands. Tickets for the open boxes or frisas have increased to 1, 194, while 576 new seats will be available in the luxury suites. 300 additional tickets will also be available, thanks to the newly constructed luxury suites between the grandstands. Sectors 4 and 6 are also being refurbished to accommodate the growing number of spectators with additional facilities including food courts, washrooms, and medical centers. The new Sambodromo is expected to be fully operational by 7th January 2012 in time for rehearsals by the samba schools, and is also a tribute to Oscar Niemeyer, the original architect and designer of the Sambodromo on his 104th birthday. A new walkway has been constructed in several sectors for the convenience of the physically challenged. Each year, 12 of the top samba schools vie for the prestigious Champions crown, turning the Sambodromo into a riot of color and music for five nights. The 2012 Rio Carnival promises to be even grander with the samba schools able to enjoy a wider runway, making way for the sensuous samba dancers to showcase their talents as they entice every spectator to join in the celebrations. The elevated grandstands provide spectators with an excellent view of the parade. According to carnival experts, the lower numbered grandstand sectors provide better views of the parade. Allocated chairs are the second best affordable seats available in Sectors 12 and 13. The open boxes or frisas are the ideal choice available in Sectors 2 through 11 with seating arrangements for 4 to 6 people in each box. To mingle with the rich and famous from around the globe, the luxury suites or camarotes are among the best tickets for the Rio Carnival.

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