AMS Acoustics hits Brazil

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AMS Acoustics is a member of the Major Events International (MEI) global membership scheme with significant ambitions in the Brazilian market.

As an entry strategy to test the market, it joined the Brazilian and UK MEI staff on a shared stand at Expo Estadio in Sao Paulo in November 2011. The timing coincided with a second key event in Brazil with Soccerex held once again in Rio the following week. This allowed AMS to have a presence at two major exhibitions within the space of 10 days in Brazil. " Being present on a stand with MEI at a recent trade show in Brazil (Expo Estadio 2011) provided an ideal platform for AMS, " said Barry Goddard, AMS Accoustics. " The opportunity ensured our visibility and presence to our established multi–national trade partners which greatly enhanced our efforts to reach new clients in Brazil where we expect to play an influential role in forthcoming major events. Having local MEI representatives to compliment our own AMS personnel combined to give a strong and effective presence and greater ability to meet new customers and potential partners. An added bonus was that costs were shared potentially allowing AMS to participate at a number of future key expos. I would highly recommend this approach. ","43

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