Brazilians live longer

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According to figures released in late 2011 by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), average life expectancy in Brazil in 2010 was 73.48 years (69.73 for men, 77.32 for women).

This represents an increase of more than three years in relation to the year 2000 (70. 45 years). The significant fall in infant mortality over the last decade has had an impact on the life–expectancy figure. Deaths occurring at a young age continue to be a significant factor in the calculation, and therefore life expectancy for Brazilians who reach adulthood is higher than indicated above. Brazilian men aged 40 live, on average, for another 33. 70 years (to 73. 70), while 40–year–old women live for another 38. 44 years (to 78. 44).

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