Rio gets on its bike

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In the build up to 2014 and 2016, Rio is taking steps to become more sustainable.

One of the citys latest efforts, a programme to stimulate Cariocas to use bicycles as a primary mode of transport, was relaunched in late 2011. Bike Rio is the new version of Pedala Rio, a biking rental program that ended in 2010, which survived for just over a year. This time, City Hall says its efforts are going to stick around. The new programme models its structure on those in Amsterdam and Paris, and the rate to rent a bicycle is now half of what it used to be. Organisers also say the security system that failed in the previous try is improved. There are also many more bikes and stations than the programmes previous incarnation. In partnership with Itaú Bank and Serttel €" the latter which developed the new system €" the laranjinhas (oranges, referring to the color of the bikes), can be seen on the streets and at the 35 stations around the city. More stations are planned; the promise was 60 in total, with 600 bicycles available by the end of the year. To use the bikes, riders must register online. A monthly pass costs 10 reais (approximately $5. 57) and a one hour ride costs five reais. Customers can check bicycle availability online, as well as find open station spots to drop the bicycle off when they are finished with it. (There is a 60–minute time limit on rides. )

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