Brazil gets on its bike

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It is safe to say Brazil is not well known as a destination for cycling holidays, but that might be about to change following a government initiative.

Over the last 10 years the country's Ministry of Tourism has invested $12m in new cycle paths in more than 50 regions, making cicloturismo an increasingly attractive option. The various networks of cycle paths have grown to the extent that together they now stretch more than 2, 500 kilometres. Rio de Janeiro boasts the largest such network of any city in South America apart from BogotÃí, while the northeastern coastal cities of Fortaleza and Recife have also opened new routes exclusively for cyclists. It is southern Brazil, however, that has the best established destinations for two–wheeled tourism – particularly the city of Curitiba (120km of cycle paths) and the state of Santa Catarina, where there are many beautiful routes both along the coast and in the hilly interior.

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