Rio completes venue

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Rio has completed its first sports venue for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

The Sambodromo, which hosts Rios annual Carnival, re–opened in time for the 2012 celebrations following a redevelopment which has seen its capacity increase from 60, 000 to 72, 500. The venue will host archery and the start and finish of the marathon during the 2016 Games. The opening of the Sambodromo is a testament to how the Games are integrated with the city, said Nuzman. The choice of this venue for the archery and the marathon events not only gives us the opportunity to stage sports competitions against a worldwide known setting, but also offers Rio de Janeiro a renovated, enlarged stage for one of the citys largest popular celebrations. For the Rio 2016 Games, it also means completing a sports venue over four years in advance.

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