Brazil sets priorities

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A £priorityØ list of 14 nations will be targeted for a series of events that aims to promote the tourism benefits of the country's host cities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup according to Brazil's Ministry of Sport.

The Ministry has stated that the Chilean capital of Santiago will host the opening event on 26 June 2012, with the Brazilian Tourism Institute (EMBRATUR) set to take the road show to 13 other countries through to May 2013. A Ministry statement read: The goal is to increase the knowledge base of travel agents and operators of each country through presentations showing tourist sites and the cultural wealth on offer at the 12 host cities. In addition to Chile, EMBRATUR will take the events to Brazils South American neighbours Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay, along with Canada, the United States and Mexico. Germany, Spain, France, England, Italy and Portugal – all nations whose fans travel in numbers to major football events – will also be targeted. The Ministry states the target audience for the events will be expert media, opinion formers, authorities and investors from each country. The workshops will have the participation of staff from EMBRATUR, the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, as well as Brazilian states and World Cup host cities. Each of the events will also be attended by a special guest in the shape of an athlete or former Brazilian footballer. Each workshop will focus on one particular host city, with Santiagos event set to extol the merits of Brasilia.

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