Brazil's golf resort push

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Although currently a very minor sport in Brazil with equally negligible playing options, golf looks set for a period of significant expansion over the coming years as the tourism and resort industries in particular look to attract more golfing tourists.

A report released in late December 2010 by Embratur, the Brazilian Tourism Institute, has detailed how Brazils approximately 45 golf resorts have been performing extremely well in recent years, generating revenues of around R1. 1bn per year and, importantly, attracting the types of tourists that spend significantly more than regular visitors. In a bid to build on this base, Embratur has penned up an agreement with both the Brazilian Association of Resorts and the Brazilian Golf Confederation aimed at developing ways to promote the countrys golfing options in the international market. Initial ideas include roadshows and workshops in key markets and events around the world. In other key indicators of golfs expected rise, the inclusion of the sport in the 2016 Olympics has pricked up the ears of Brazilian sporting authorities intent on developing talent in time for their home Games, while the countrys growing economic strength is also helping the cause as millions of Brazilians climb the social ladder and seek new and more sophisticated exercise and leisure options. A range of resort and property development groups around the country are also looking at adding to Brazils underdeveloped golf course offering. About Simon TarmoA journalist from Sydney, Australia, and co–founder of industry journal Australian Sponsorship News, Simon Tarmo now lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Having worked on a range of writing, research and trade projects across a number of industries including sport, entertainment and wine, he is currently focusing on business opportunities involving the 2014 World Cup and Rio 2016 in Brazil. With fluent Portuguese language skills, he has an extensive network of contacts throughout Brazil and can advise and assist foreign groups doing business in the country. More details http://simontarmo. blogspot. com/ ~ Simon Tarmo+55 31 9196 0069simon@pando. com. auhttp://simontarmo. blogspot. com/

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