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Having been invited to take on the role by president Dilma Rousseff a few weeks previously, Brazil's ex–Reserve Bank president Henrique Meirelles has officially accepted the position of head of the Olympic Public Authority, a body set up specifically to coordinate government activities and works in preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The agency will have a budget of up to R30bn and will employ around 170 people.

Meirelles, an economist by trade, stated that his priority will be to scrutinize the technical qualifications of those employed by the Authority primarily because the schedules for the works are relentless. He also stipulated that, using the experience gained during eight years at the central bank, he will not bow to any political pressure in relation to key positions in the body. Meirelles will now be interviewed by four senate commissions: the Infrastructure Service, Education, Culture and Sport, Economic Matters and Constitution, Justice and Citizenship, and should be officially approved within the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Brazils president Dilma Rousseff has made some telling comments about the government's plans for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and how preparations are coming along. She confirmed that Brazil is fully confident of pulling off a successful version of the massive event and that preparations will contribute greatly to the development of the country, with the generation of jobs, income and new investments in infrastructure. Dilma's comments came in her regular column titled Ask the President in response to a question from a housewife from Santos, Sao Paulo, in relation to fears that the country will not be ready for the World Cup. She also pointed to her government's latest figures that the preparations and event will create 330, 000 new permanent jobs plus 400, 000 temporary ones, while investment in infrastructure will reach R33bn, 68% of this coming through government channels. About Simon TarmoA journalist from Sydney, Australia, and co–founder of industry journal Australian Sponsorship News, Simon Tarmo now lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Having worked on a range of writing, research and trade projects across a number of industries including sport, entertainment and wine, he is currently focusing on business opportunities involving the 2014 World Cup and Rio 2016 in Brazil. With fluent Portuguese language skills, he has an extensive network of contacts throughout Brazil and can advise and assist foreign groups doing business in the country. More details http://simontarmo. blogspot. com/ ~ Simon Tarmo+55 31 9196 0069simon@pando. com. auhttp://simontarmo. blogspot. com/

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