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A recent study by two of Brazil's top business researchers has predicted that the 2014 FIFA World Cup will have an impact on 448 types of economic activity and generate 700,000 jobs, 400,000 full time and 300,000 part time.

The report, by Sebrae, a government body dedicated to small business, in collaboration with private university and research institution Fundaçáo Getúlio Vargas, covers the impacts of the World Cup on the Brazilian business sector, and is accompanied by a commitment by the organisation of R79. 3m over the next three years to assist small and medium businesses in accessing the opportunities. The report also identified a range of areas offering the most opportunities, including: tourism agencies, uniform suppliers, earthworks specialists, restaurants and bars, and IT and communications businesses. Beyond these, the organisation has committed to additional research on five other key sectors: agribusiness, wooden furniture, textiles and design, retail commerce and services. Sebrae stated that its idea is to gain more space in the economy for small business, not only for the 2014 World Cup but well into the future. Presently, whilst 99% of Brazilian businesses are considered small they account for just 20% of the country's GDP. For the World Cup alone, the establishment of 7, 700 new business ventures has already been predicted fort the 12 host cities. Meanwhile, Victoria University has launched a special sports science event aiming to provide a platform for research collaboration between Australia and Brazil. The symposium has been developed in collaboration with the Brazilian Olympic Committee, the University of Sao Paulo and the Federal University of Alagoas. Attendees will be able to network with groups with similar interests in fostering research collaboration, exchanging ideas and exploring funding opportunities. There will also be discussion about challenges and successful models for research collaboration and different research approaches. A range of topics will be covered, including: The role of sport in improving health – The Australian experience; Sport business opportunities between Australia and Brazil; and Towards 2016: The Brazilian Approach. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, 20 April at the Victoria University City Convention Centre on Level 12, 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne. Registration commences at 8:00am. See: http://www. vu. edu. au/towards–2016–australian–and–brazilian–strategies–for–success/symposium–programAbout Simon TarmoA journalist from Sydney, Australia, and co–founder of industry journal Australian Sponsorship News, Simon Tarmo now lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Having worked on a range of writing, research and trade projects across a number of industries including sport, entertainment and wine, he is currently focusing on business opportunities involving the 2014 World Cup and Rio 2016 in Brazil. With fluent Portuguese language skills, he has an extensive network of contacts throughout Brazil and can advise and assist foreign groups doing business in the country. More details http://simontarmo. blogspot. com/ ~ Simon Tarmo+55 31 9196 0069simon@pando. com. auhttp://simontarmo. blogspot. com/

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