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Brazilian minister for sport, Orlando Silva Jr, has provided an encouragingly positive update on the Brazilian government's view of preparations for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, claiming that all stadiums and supporting infrastructure are now on track for the event.

In a report released in mid–September 2011, Silva said all World Cup–specific construction work in the 12 host cities, including airports, ports and urban mobility upgrades, is expected to be finished ahead of or on schedule. He also announced the imminent launch of an official site – www. copa2014. gov. br – featuring all official news about the works in progress and other related activities, which should go live soon. Additionally, Silva said he is close to revealing a set of actions to promote Brazil in foreign markets, including a set of projects related to promoting the countrys social, cultural and touristic attractions. Meanwhile, a new report by Brazil's Ministry of Development, Industry and Exterior Commerce has found that Rio de Janeiro state will receive a whopping $18. 45bn in national and foreign investment over the coming years, well ahead of the $10. 6bn and $10. 4bn destined for Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo respectively. The Projects and Investments Announcements Report indicates that during 2010 $268. 8bn was announced for Brazil as a whole, with Rios lions share put down to the ongoing projects involving the major oil discoveries off the states coast, with 2016 Olympics preparations, surprisingly, taking a back seat to these massive investments, at least for the moment. Importantly, major projects are distributed around the state and include: the Açu Superport north of Rio, which will receive investments of $3. 4bn, Michelin investing $1. 1bn in a tyre plant on the outskirts of the capital, and energy industry engineering specialist Technips $700m investment in the expansion of the port of Angra dos Reis. About Simon TarmoA journalist from Sydney, Australia, and co–founder of industry journal Australian Sponsorship News, Simon Tarmo now lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Having worked on a range of writing, research and trade projects across a number of industries including sport, entertainment and wine, he is currently focusing on business opportunities involving the 2014 World Cup and Rio 2016 in Brazil. With fluent Portuguese language skills, he has an extensive network of contacts throughout Brazil and can advise and assist foreign groups doing business in the country. More details http://simontarmo. blogspot. com/ ~ Simon Tarmo+55 31 9196 0069simon@pando. com. auhttp://simontarmo. blogspot. com/

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