Sony Multi Screen Media Lands South Africa Hosted IPL

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After several rounds of negotiations Multi Screen Media (formerly known as Sony Entertainment Television) will be the official broadcast partner of the Indian Premier League (IPL) second edition. Sony Max, the channel owned by MSM India will continue to broadcast the IPL. All matches will be during 4 pm IST and at 8 pm IST in the evening to coincide with prime time for television audiences in India. A tripartite deal between MSM, the Board of Control for Cricket in India and World Sports Group was announced yesterday. MSM now has telecast rights for nine years and the deal is worth $1. 6 billion. Under the earlier deal, MSM would have paid $918 million for the telecast rights and spent $108 million for marketing the tournament. The deal gives MSM India the exclusive audio visual rights to all the 59 matches of season II due to start on April 18 in South Africa. It was television rights and not the weather, which appears to have convinced Lalit Modi, chairman and commissioner, IPL to chose South Africa instead of England for the second edition of IPL. The BCCI became less enthusiastic about Britain, when they realised they may encounter problems with broadcasting rights and revenue. BCCI's Lalit Modi commented on the contract arrangements with MSM. "We are absolutely delighted with the new deal inked today between WSG and MSM, " he was reported as saying in newspaper the Hindu. "We have the best deal for the league and Indian cricket fans alike. I am certain that MSM will pull out all the stops in ensuring that the best technology is utilized to deliver excellent content that is creative, innovative and enriching for the cricket fans in India and across the globe. "Security concerns in India have led organizers to move the tournament to South Africa, raising questions over Sony's ability to raise ad money in the subcontinent. Analysts in India expect advertising to take a hit, due to the double whammy of a souring economy and the games being played overseas.

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