Dolphins go wireless

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The Miami Dolphins will kick–off their 2009–2010 season with a video wireless device that will bring its fans closer to the game and maximise their in–stadium fan experience.

The device will be provided by Kangaroo Media as part of a three–year agreement with the Miami Dolphins. Five thousand of the devices will be made available to season ticket holders with suites and club level memberships. Using Kangaroo's Generation III device – now including fully interactive Wi–Fi applications – in–stadium fans will be provided with video data, statistics of the game, as well as the news and activity leading up to the pre–game and the post game analysis. The wireless TV will also deliver rich video, audio and real–time data –play–by–play audio, action replays, messaging, player profile, stats and much more – all at the fingertips. With the Kangaroo wireless device, the Miami Dolphins are moving the in–stadium fan experience to a whole new and exciting level and expanding it beyond. The agreement between Miami Dolphins and Kangaroo includes the sale of 5, 000 wireless handsets, activation and the hardware and software services to integrate the wireless device seamlessly with the in–stadium video technology and production platform. The technology has additional revenue possibilities stemming from any new handset features and applications developed for the team and from joint sales efforts for advertising content on the wireless handset. This story has been reproduced with the kind permission of StadiaTech. com. StadiaTech. com is a weblog dedicated to being the online think tank and communication board for Stadium Technology and Innovation. Discussing a variety of subjects from 3D holographic video through to highly profitable paperless ticketing operations. In short, StadiaTech. com wants to help change the way in which stadia utilise world changing technologies. Vist www. stadiatech. com

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