Security key for Leaders' Week

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Peru has implemented a tight security plan for the 2008 APEC Leaders' Week, with the help of its armed forces.

Organisers of the 2008 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders' Week in Lima, Peru, have created an Integrated Surveillance Video network to monitor key event locations. Preuvian vice–president Luis Giampietri said the network of more than 200 video–surveillance cameras is was a first for Peru. Close to 700 security officers from APEC member nations will be involved in the 2008 security plan, which is based on three 'security rings'. This first ring includes internal premises security for hotels and meeting locations, while the second ring encompasses local municipalities and the daily routes taken by visiting dignitaries. The third ring is located 600 metres from the event's headquarters. APEC Leaders' Week, one of the most significant international meetings to be hosted by Peru, runs from Sunday 16 November to Sunday 23 November 2008. Implementation of the security plan for APEC 2008, which this year hosts a record 3, 600 delegates and 2, 600 media representatives, will involve the operational deployment of approximately 10, 000 security troops, including members of Peru's National Police Force, Air Force, and Army.

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