RFID secures Aero India

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Organisers of Asian defence and aerospace conference Aero India 2009 have used RFID–tagged invitations as part of event security arrangements.

RFID–tagged invitations have been used to boost security at one of Asia's largest defence industry conferences. More than 500 000 visitors from over 40 countries were tracked at Aero India 2009 using a combination of UHF and LF RFID technology. RFID tags were implanted in the invitation cards required to enter the event, held from February 11–15 2009 at the Indian military's Air Station Yelahanka in Bengaluru. The tags formed part of a double authentication system at the conference's entry points, supplementing other security measures including CCTV and metal detectors. Attendees were tracked after entering the event site, through zones monitored by a series of RFID readers. A release from Aero India 2009 organisers said the event was the largest management project in India ever to use RFID technology. The conference's RFID systems were designed by Iaito Infotech in cooperation with partners Target Vision and One Card Solution.

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