Cloud Computing uncovered

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Over the last two years, cloud computing has become the most discussed topic in the IT industry, and is being debated from a variety of perspectives by vendors, media and analysts, writes Alf Raju, chief information and technology officer of Major Events International.

The consensus is that cloud computing, especially Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), will play an increasing role in the IT operations of most companies in the coming years and will fundamentally change the delivery model for services. One can expect this change to be gradual transition. Currently a lot of companies are using virtualisation in their data centres to reduce costs (server consolidation). However many are only deploying dynamic allocation and provisioning in a Test and Development environment as they do not understand the ROI, cannot manage and secure it thus struggling to reap the benefits of virtualisation in other areas. By adopting this emerging model of cloud computing through Infrastructure as a Service, users can start to gain access to their applications from anywhere, through any connected device. Thus a user–centric interface makes the cloud infrastructure supporting the applications transparent to users. The applications reside in massively scalable data centres (Data Centres as a Service–Daas) where computing resources can be dynamically provisioned and shared to achieve significant economies of scale. With a clear service management platform, the management costs of adding more IT resources to the cloud can be significantly lower than those associated with alternate infrastructures. Cloud computing is an important topic. However, it is not a revolutionary new development, but an evolution that has taken place over several decades, as shown below. To download the full White Paper, click on the link below:

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