Seven sports target Olympics

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Seven sports are battling it out to be added to the Olympic Games programme in the future.

Seven sports presented their cases to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Friday 14 November in a bid to be included in future Olympic Games. Karate, golf, squash, rugby, roller sports, baseball and softball are contesting two spots on the programme that will be available from the 2016 event onwards. Baseball and softball were dropped from the Olympic programme in 2005 and although they were held in Beijing they will not be played at the 2012 Olympics in London as cuts/additions are determined seven years in advance. The IOC, which will vote on the existing 26 sports on the programme and the inclusion of two more at its session in Copenhagen in October 2009, has said leading players' Olympic participation was a prerequisite for consideration. Following the presentations, two IOC observers will monitor each of the sports for six months and attend one event of each before reporting back to the IOC executive board.

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