New Delhi 2010 to go ahead

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The England cricket Test Series in India will go ahead and the Commonwealth Games Federation is standing by New Delhi as the host of its 2010 event in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

Following news that the English cricket team is to return to India for its Test Series, the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has reaffirmed that New Delhi will host the 2010 edition of the Commonwealth Games, scotching rumours that an alternative venue was being considered in the wake of the terror attacks in Mumbai. CGF president Michael Fennel, in a statement, conveyed his deepest sympathy to the victims of the Mumbai attacks and dismissed media reports that the federation was looking for a stand–by venue. " At no stage has there been discussion about us moving the games from Delhi, and nor has any other city been approached to be on stand–by, " Fennell told the Indian media. " The senseless and brutal attacks by terrorists in Mumbai have left us all in a state of shock and our immediate concern is our friends and their families in India, " he added. Fennel, however, made it clear that CGF was actively involved in the security planning for the 2010 Games. " The CGF constantly monitors security arrangements for the games wherever they maybe held and we will continue to do that, " Fennel added. " The federation will continue to work with the appropriate authorities and agencies within the government of India, the Delhi government and the organising committee, to ensure that appropriate security arrangements are in place so that the Commonwealth's athletes can compete in a safe and secure environment. This ongoing work with the authorities in India will continue throughout the preparations and delivery of the Games, with security arrangements modified from time to time as may prove necessary. "Meanwhile, England's first Test is due to take place in Chennai from 11 December and the second in Mohali from 19 December.

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