New poll backs Tokyo

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According to the results of a new survey, the people of Japan continue to support the Tokyo 2016 bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A new nationwide poll reveals that, more than ever, the Japanese archipelago is pulling together to champion Tokyo's goal of 'Uniting Our Worlds' by staging the most compact and sustainable Games ever in the heart of Japan's vibrant capital city. The latest official Tokyo 2016 poll confirms that 70. 2% of the national population–more than 90m Japanese–enthusiastically support the Tokyo 2016 bid, up from 62% reported in the previous bid survey in December 2007. All sectors of Japanese society are backing the effort to bring the Summer Olympics back to Japan–from public and private enterprise to every level of government and athletes and citizens of all ages. Young people are especially ardent in their support, attracted by Tokyo 2016's proposal to host a sustainable, eco–friendly Olympic Games. Tokyo 2016 has been demonstrating its commitment to strengthening the Olympic Movement in Japan by organising events such as the Tokyo 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Supporters Assembly, Olympics for All, Tokyo 2016 Symposium 'Get Fit Japan', and by establishing the Tokyo 2016 Sports Supporters Squad. The poll was conducted by Yahoo Japan Value Insight Corporation from 7 to 9 January 2009, and sampled the opinions of 3, 000 citizens from across Japan.

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