Security expo in Pune

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A rage of security gadgets, including explosive detectors, body scanners and surveillance CCTVs, will be on display at a security exhibition to be held by the Centre for Police Research (CPR) in Pune, India on 6 March 2009.

The three–day exhibition, due to be held at the Shivajinagar police headquarters in Central Pune, hopes to raise both public and corporate awareness of security issues. According to CPR executive director S P S Yadav, this will be the first such exhibition in the state. Other equipment on display will include cargo scanners, metal detectors, baggage X–ray scanners, vehicle scanning systems, biometric access control systems, remote monitoring methods, perimeter surveillance systems, smoke detection systems and alarms. Bullet proof vests, helmets and vehicles will also be featured at the event. The CPR has appealed to private firms involved in manufacturing safety and security gadgets to exhibit at the venue.

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