Big screens get arty

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International communications and information technology company, Harris Corporation, has installed an InfoCaster digital signage solution at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Centre, in Florida, USA.

The system enables the compilation and display of high–definition video and programme content on monitors around the Arts Centre. Harris' channel partner Professional Communications Systems (PCS) of Tampa managed the design, engineering, installation and maintenance of the complete visual display and digital messaging system. The InfoCaster digital signage solution is at the core of the visual display and digital messaging system, consisting of an InfoCaster Creator content creation station, InfoCaster Manager network management products and multiple InfoCaster Player content playout devices. The system is integrated with a Symetrix Symnet audio system and an AMX Netlinx control system that feeds nine video zones equipped with 23 Sharp LCD displays. The primary zones are within the Morsani and Ferguson Hall lobby areas and also include multiple other on–site theatres, exterior locations and the Patel Conservatory, feeding broadcast–quality graphics and programme data to patrons and visitors. Tampa Bay Performing Arts Centre operators control the displays, messaging and media playback from a central location using the InfoCaster Manager solution. " Our goal is for our patrons to experience the arts centre long before taking their seats, " said Michael Kilgore, vice president of marketing and customer experiences at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Centre. " We use the InfoCaster system to power 48 loudspeakers and 23 monitors scattered over our five–theatre campus, and run it all from a marketing office on the administrative floor. The content is segmented and customised to the shows our patrons are coming to see, and before shows they see videos of upcoming events, recognition of our top–level sponsors and welcoming messages from our president. By using InfoCaster and the accompanying elements of the system, we can set the tone for the night's entertainment and extend enjoyment past the show and into the evening. " A key component of Harris Digital Signage solutions, InfoCaster offers a complete suite of products for creating, scheduling, distributing, playing and reporting video and graphics. Users can acquire or create digital content and manage it throughout the entire delivery chain–from a central site or multiple remote locations–on a TCP/IP network. InfoCaster Creator enables easy acquisition and content creation of graphics, video and dynamic data content, whilst InfoCaster Manager and players synchronise and deliver content from multiple sources to thousands of remote displays spread over a nationwide network, addressing individual messaging display requirements. Advanced management, scheduling and monitoring tools give users unprecedented control and flexibility over the enterprise network.

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