MEI Builds Working Relations with China

Sport Business News

Over the last two months MEI has been working with Chinese companies, this relationship has grown as a result of the Think London event which hosted Chinese delegates in the UK.

Dennis Mills visited China at the end of May 2009 to follow up with Zhejiang Dafeng who has a long history of supporting Olympic and other Major Events for temporary overlay and also permanent infrastructure within stadiums and high profile venues. Furthermore Dennis Mills lectured at the Palm Expo in Beijing, to the leaders in the Audio, Lighting and Music technology sector on winning business for the 2012 games and other UK based Major Events. The highlight of the visit to Shanghai was a factory visit to Dafeng who are in discussion with MEI about signing a strategic partnership to raise their profile in target countries. This tour gave MEI an insight into the manufacturing process enabling MEI to better understand and represent Dafeng in these target countries. This visit was followed by a private dinner at the home of CEO Defang Sport Mr Feng and Michael Fu the International Sales Director. Dennis' visit to Shanghai coincided with Mr Michael Charlton who is head of Think London. They attended the G35 Dinner at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower revolving restaurant. Dennis was invited as a VIP guest to attend and speak at the annual Palm Sound, Light & Music exhibition and conference in Beijing. With over 1500 exhibitors from all around the world makes it the largest exhibition and conference in the world.

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