BTD consulting success

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After being mandated by the organising committee COCAN as a consultant for the Cup of African Nations CAN 2010, BTD provided extensive consulting and conceptual services for nearly a year in co–operation with COCAN and the local IT–consulting partner of COCAN, KBRR.

After the initial audit, analysis, ongoing technology and management consulting and the preparation of all technology concepts, BTD's engagement concluded with the distribution and evaluation of the respective tenders by the COCAN in September 2009. BTD however had to recall the offer for the execution of its concepts due to heavy time constraints and as a result, will not be involved in the further event set–up procedure as originally planned. BTD president, Stefan Leibhard stated in London during the recent Leaders In Football summit: "We are very proud what we managed to do for the COCAN and the CAN2010. The fact that all the tenders were finally sent out by the COCAN shows us their complete satisfaction with our work. Nevertheless we are extremely sad at the same time that we have to recall our proposal for the execution and operational support after several serious delays. This obviously led to a time plan which restrains BTD from providing the quality which we claim ourselves for. We will naturally support the COCAN in the best possible way if they require our support in the future. "BTD International Consulting CEO Johannes Lippert added: "Africa is an important market for BTD and for sports in general. We are in close contact with several event organising countries there. We will bring in the experience from Angola to these countries and combine it with our extensive know–how from all over the world. First and most important lesson for us was to put maximum pressure on the time plan. "BTD International Consulting AG offers services for the planning and operation of IT–related infrastructures for stadia, venues and events across the globe.

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