The World Meets in Brazil

Just before London 2012 got underway, Brazil launched a brand new international campaign for tourist promotion. Titled "The World Meets in Brazil. Come Celebrate Life," the campaign has been created by the Ministry of Tourism and Embratur (the Brazilian Tourism Board) to promote Brazil as the host of major sporting events.

The new campaign presents Brazil as a country with a unique culture that offers diverse experiences for all visitors. "The latest campaign emphasises friendliness and openness which are the most endearing characteristics of Brazilian people," said Flavio Dino, the president of Embratur. "We are our culture - the rhythms of Brazil, the warmth of a hug, our traditional cooking and the artists who fill our museums. Brazil is difficult to describe but you can feel it, and that is what really matters."

Embratur will invest $40m by the end of 2014 to achieve these goals through print, digital, online, TV and 'out of home' media.

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