Delhi makes progress

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Commonwealth Games Federation president, Michael Fennell, has confirmed that the draft report of the CGF Coordination Commission has pointed to real progress in the organisation of the 2010 Delhi Games.

Speaking at a media conference in Delhi following his attendance at a Board meeting of the Organising committee, Fennell noted the Commission's advice that its December 2009 visit was its best to date, citing significant progress with operational planning within the Organising Committee since the CGF's General Assembly. Fennell also noted the ongoing commitment of the management and staff of the Organising Committee to address the concerns previously raised. "Once again I would like to commend and thank the Government of India on their unequivocal support for the Games including the recent approvals of the revised budgets, " he said. "While I note improvement in operational areas, the Organising Committee and its partners must maintain the momentum that they have now gained across all functional areas. " However, on the issue of venue construction, Fennell expressed great disappointment at the CoCom's report on the delayed delivery of the venues, and in particular, how the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and the SP Mukherjee Swimming Complex were so far behind schedule. "We have continuously received assurances on the delivery timelines for these projects, and to now hear that there are further delays is distressing, " Fennell said. "These delays will have an impact upon the Organising Committee's operational planning, particularly in relation to the conduct of test events and overlay installation. There can be no further delays and I was pleased to receive directly from the Sports Minister Dr. Gill, his assurance today, that the venues will not encounter any further delays. "Fennell noted that he had reviewed the CoCom draft report with Delhi Organising Committee Chairman, Suresh Kalmadi. "With the backdrop of the Coordination Commission's draft report and the positive progress made in operational planning Mr Kalmadi and I have agreed today an alternative approach to our ongoing interaction and monitoring work, " Fennell explained. "In October I announced that the CGF would be instituting in January a Technical Review Committee (TRC) that would visit monthly. However, in view of the current improved status, we have agreed it is now more appropriate for the CGF to provide additional on–going support to the Organising Committee through its existing Commonwealth Games Knowledge Management Programme. "He continued: "This approach will provide the Organising Committee with constant access to specific expertise in areas where both the CGF and the Organising Committee agree additional support is required. The CGF will, through the expansion of its support program, assist the Organising Committee and its delivery partners to maintain the necessary momentum. When I announced the formation of the TRC just over two months ago, I noted that this group would monitor 'progress against promise'. I also said that this group would be empowered to 'call in other technical experts as required'. So the first part of this, the monitoring of 'progress against promise', will now be delivered in two ways. Firstly it will be through the work of our now expanded Coordination Commission, which as scheduled will visit Delhi on two further occasions ahead of the Games. Secondly, it will be through the ongoing work with the Organising Committee of our CEO, Mr Michael Hooper, who is predominately based in Delhi. "Fennel added: "The second aspect which was to come under the TRC – assisting the Organising Committee through access to functional area Games expertise in specific areas – will now be provided through the expansion of our existing support programme with the Organising Committee. The costs associated with providing the Organising Committee with access to such support will be met by the CGF. Mr Kalmadi and I have agreed that, in the short term, we will look to support the Organising Committee through this program in three key areas. Firstly, Venue Operations and, in particular, the process associated with functional area integration at Games time; Secondly, the Volunteer Programme and, in particular, assistance with the development of the planning associated with functional area training of the much needed 30, 0000 volunteers for the Games; and Thirdly, Games Readiness, being the successful demonstration of key capabilities and performance indicators (readiness) necessary to meet Delhi 2010's operational requirements. We will provide the Organising Committee with access to appropriate expertise to assist them with these three key areas. "

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