Volleyball terrorism attack

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At least 95 people were killed on Friday 1 January 2010 when a suicide car bomber blew himself and his vehicle up as people gathered to watch a volleyball game in north–west Pakistan.

Police said dozens more were injured in the attack in the village of Shah Hasan Khan, in the Bannu district, in what appears to be another retaliatory strike for recent army offensives against the Taliban. Spectators had gathered on a field to watch two local teams play when an explosive–laden pickup rammed into a nearby wall. Several houses and a portion of a nearby mosque where a militia meeting was in progress were also destroyed in the blast. Aside from 2009's gun assault on the visiting Sri Lanka cricket team's tour bus in Lahore which killed eight people, attacks on sporting events in Pakistan are unusual. But the volleyball massacre was yet another example of how, despite their war with the Pakistan army, the militants are also increasingly focusing their operations on soft, civilian targets.

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