HSH Nordbank Arena helps environment

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Hamburger Sport–Verein e.V. (HSV) has further stepped up its corporate responsibility efforts and will rely on green electricity from ENTEGA at the HSH Nordbank Arena in the future.

From July 2010, the arena will be powered with carbon–neutral green electricity supplied by ENTEGA. ENTEGA, Germany's second–largest green electricity provider – by number of green electricity customers – will also become an HSV Exclusive Partner. The partnership includes special 'HSV Climate Fan Green Electricity Rates' by ENTEGA. " ENTEGA puts an energy partner by our side who is one hundred percent behind our commitment to climate protection and is an ideal match for us. The exclusive partnership is an expression of our shared stance on climate protection and a resolute continuation of our taking responsibility for the community, the climate and the environment, " said Katja Kraus, HSV's director of communication and marketing. From July 2010, the HSV Arena will be powered with carbon–neutral green electricity by ENTEGA. All of the electricity required will be produced from renewable energy sources. Like all ENTEGA products, it is free of nuclear power. Holger Mayer, the executive board member responsible for ENTEGA at its parent company HEAG Südhessische Energie AG (HSE), commented: " The green electricity contract and exclusive partnership with HSV confirm us in our efforts to push ahead with a nationwide switch to carbon–neutral electricity supply. Since October 1, 2009 we've been flying our flag with an ENTEGA point in Hamburg. ENTEGA green electricity brings fresh impetus to Hamburg's energy market. Starting today, all HSV fans can combine their commitment to the team with a personal commitment to protect the climate – at very favourable terms. " Switching the HSH Nordbank Arena to green electricity is a logical step for the Hamburg sports club: based on its extensive CSR efforts, HSV is regarded as a trailblazer in community and environmental matters. The team has rendered all of its travel carbon–neutral since 2008.

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