Coke goes green in Vancouver

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Coca–Cola is using its pavilion at the 2010 Vancouver Games to promote environmental sustainability. "We aim to make everyone realise that recycling and sustainable efforts are important," said Coca–Cola's communications assistant Sarah Mitchell.

The pavilion, located at David Lam Park, displays the history of Coca–Cola, offers free drinks to visitors, has an interactive art display and has on–site interactive games that promote sustainability. "The recycling part is my favourite, " said 20–year–old environmental studies student Courtney Brown, who had just won Coca–Cola's polar bear swim game. The company has launched new plant–based bottles that are made up of 30% plant waste, such as sugar cane and molasses. Coca–Cola is also turning all 1, 400 of its coolers and vending machines used for the Games into greenhouse gas emission–free refrigerators and reducing its electricity use. Mitchell said the environment is an important part of the Olympic Games, and making sure they do not leave behind a large carbon footprint is crucial. "It's awesome to have sports, but if it's not sustainable then it won't last, " Brown said.

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