Octopus spreads tentacles in Korea

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Video content management and digital delivery provider Octopus Media Technology (OctopusMT) continues to go from strength to strength with the support of UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).

Based in London, UK and with technical facilities in Southampton, OctopusMT is revolutionising the way business is conducted and content is managed and delivered around the world. The OctopusMT system enables the storage, management and global delivery of video to any digital device with quality, functionality and a "click–to–play" user experience. OctopusMT's success on the global stage continued with the launch of Octopus Korea at the British Embassy in Seoul in early 2010. Because of the simple 'click to play' user experience that OctopusMT's technology allows, and the fact that users do not have to download any additional software, it is expected that OctopusMT will help to broaden the Korean online contents' market. Speaking at the '2010 Global Sports Mission to South Korea' event at the British Embassy in Seoul, founder and president of OctopusMT, Andrew Eborn, said: "Since we started working with UKTI, OctopusMT has gone from strength to strength. Year–on–year sales have grown, key markets have been opened, strategic alliances formed and new business generated. We are very grateful for UKTI's continued support. "Eborn was formerly a barrister and solicitor, specialising in international licensing and global rights' management, enabling broadcasters, producers, rights owners, sporting bodies, event organisers and others to maximise the return on their rights and assisting with the strategic development of their international businesses. OctopusMT was established in 2006 to address the limitations of other systems and providers and to satisfy the wish lists of key industry clients. OctopusMT's platform is a browser–based, complete content management system enabling everything from enhancing websites with video content to secure online viewing and digital delivery of broadcast files, video on demand and live streaming of events. Through the OctopusMT system, source media need only be 'ingested' once and can then be converted online to any format and used for any distribution channel and digital device, including future devices. The OctopusMT system is extremely flexible and can be integrated easily into existing systems without additional software or hardware. It offers significant savings both in terms of time and money and provides a powerful marketing tool while opening additional revenue streams. OctopusMT has a diverse client base across many sectors around the world, including broadcasters, sporting bodies, producers, media groups, event organisers, governments, content owners, and advertising agencies and their clients. OctopusMT's clients include key players in each major sector, including the Football Association, the Northern Ireland Assembly, NBC/Power, Just for Laughs (The Canadian TV and event producer), Guinness World Records, Freud, WPP, Thomas Cook, the Press Association, and "The Independent" newspaper. In the film and TV industry, OctopusMT is helping companies open new revenue streams, increase efficiency and save costs through, for example, tapeless digital delivery of rushes, online screeners and digital delivery of broadcast files. Having established a strong proof of concept in various market sectors with key clients in each, and having tailored its platform to the needs of each sector, OctopusMT is well positioned for a major international roll–out. The company's foray into foreign markets has been assisted by various UKTI trade missions and OMIS (Overseas Market Introduction Service) reports, commissioned under UKTI's Passport to Export programme of advice and support. These provided introductions to a number of key companies likely to benefit from OctopusMT's technology. Eborn has also been a key speaker at many international sports and media industry events. As a result OctopusMT has now formed long–term strategic alliances and generated business throughout the world in several major territories including North America, Asia, South Africa and Europe. OctopusMT has also been recognised in various important business awards, including being a finalist in every category of UKTI's prestigious Passport to Export Awards 2008–a first in the history of this scheme. OctopusMT won the Award for Best Use of UKTI Services resulting in exceptional success in overseas markets. The company has continued to score highly with the sporting industry. OctopusMT has been a regular participant at the SportAccord convention, which brings together representatives from nearly 100 international sports federations and organisations with bidding and host cities for major events, event organisers and a wide variety of businesses. Attendance led to meetings with key executives from Total Sports Asia, a leading sports marketing agency, and the decision to form a strategic alliance to launch TotalSports. tv using OctopusMT's technology and TSA's marketing expertise. Powered by OctopusMT, TotalSports. tv now enables sports such as the US Open Tennis, motor racing, badminton, hockey, Muay Thai and other championships to be enjoyed in new and exciting ways by a wider audience around the world, both live and as video on demand. OctopusMT is also working directly with a number of media owners, sporting bodies and event organisers enabling them to be their own broadcasters. Even niche events that may not attract a terrestrial broadcaster can be enjoyed worldwide through the OctopusMT platform. Electronic tickets to events, allowing people to view events online, is an important new source of income and another significant way to boost audience viewings and give access to events without the need to travel and be physically present. OctopusMT's technology is therefore being used by everyone from major event organisers to industry conferences, seminars, press briefings and for e–learning, providing a significant increase in audience reach. In a revolutionary deal, the company was chosen by the Press Association to help distribute PA's content both domestically and internationally through OctopusMT's leading edge technology. OctopusMT is working with a number of media groups including The Independent, providing unrivalled quality, variety and user experience. Whilst traditional print sales may be declining, on–line viewing continues to increase. OctopusMT enables content to be available anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Following the success of www. L2B2008. com–a user–generated site, launched by OctopusMT in association with the London Development Agency, allowing anyone to upload their own supportive video messages for the British team at the Olympics in Beijing–OctopusMT is now in demand with many companies around the world, including brands, content owners and sporting bodies seeking to build communities and audience and monetise their content whilst making significant cost savings. OctopusMT is now an official supplier to England 2018, supporting England's bid to host the 2018 World Cup. Jo Vertigan, head of digital, England 2018, said: "I am delighted to be working with Octopus Media Technology, whose skill in video streaming will enhance our fans' experience of the site. England 2018 strives to be at the forefront of technological innovation and this additional capability further testifies to that ambition. "For further information on Octopus Media Technology, visit: www. octopusMT. com/

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