50 days until South Africa 2010

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Wednesday 21 April 2010 marked 50 days until the kick–off of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and for the chief executive officer of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee South Africa (OC), Dr Danny Jordaan, it was a day to celebrate what will prove to be one of South Africa's most defining moments.

"In South Africa there have been a series of significant moments that have shaped the country that we live in today. The memory of Nelson Mandela's release from prison will live on in the minds of millions of South Africans, as will the memories of the first democratic election in 1994, the Springbok victory in 1995, the Africa Cup of Nations win in 1996 and the announcement of our successful bid to host the World Cup on 15 May 2004, " said Jordaan. "In just 50 days time we begin what I believe will be one of our most important defining moments, the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This defining moment will last a full month, a moment where the attention of the world will be nowhere but right here in South Africa. The same South Africa the world once called a miracle nation when in 1994 we made a peaceful transition to democracy, defying all the skeptics. The world has heard many more stories about us since then, sometimes more negative than positive, but this World Cup gives all South Africans the opportunity to show the world who we really are sixteen years into our democracy". While the official 50 day celebrations were taking place in Kimberly, for Jordaan it was a moment for the whole country to recognise the importance of the World Cup to South Africa. "This is a time to celebrate. I call on all South Africans to get involved in the World Cup because this is our tournament. We must remember that a huge part of the success of the World Cup relies on how all South Africans host the world this year. It is up to every one of us to make sure that we show all the visitors and the global television audience the warmth, friendship and unity of South Africa. ""The hard infrastructure is in place, our stadiums are ready and are already hosting matches, the transport plans are being finalised, the teams have selected their base camps, the tickets are selling fast and now it is time to watch some of the best football players in the world striving for ultimate glory on our very own pitches, " said Jordaan.

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