Sport Business Tenders - Your Customer Contact Plan

This workshop aims to look at the communication strategy of your company and market offer within the major sports events community.

sport business tenders

The aim is to create an informative hand-out describing your capability to back up your application for sport business tenders along with case studies and a detailed entry in our on-line portal's Supplier Directory.

All of this is to reinforce the depth and breadth of the service you offer.

Part of this workshop will also review the main conferences and exhibitions in your target country to decide which ones may be wroth attending or possibly speaking at.

Decisions will then be made about how to build a mini-mission around any plans to visit. Major Events International are very experienced in organising international missions and are seen as Brazil sports consultancy experts, having conducted several missions to Brazil in the past few years for companies interested in exporting their products and services to the major sports events community.


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