Exclusive International Business Services for Mega Events

Major Events International can continue to support you beyond the formation of a new/formal company presence. We are specialists in providing bespoke international business services for clients which delivers mega events expertise, close client contact, market intelligence and representational services on an exclusive basis. We want to continue helping you generate Olympic and World Cup opportunities long after your first success.

world cup opportunitiesHosting Client Staff

At an obvious point where your business plan has matured, you may wish to take the option of embedding your own member of staff within Major Events International's team. We can assist with the recruitment of local staff or support international staff that may be brought in to help mobilise the business. The advantage of this option is a low cost of entry for a dedicated client presence that is fully supported with business infrastructure and operating within an expert MEI team who can mentor and monitor progress and effectiveness. This approach can be taken with increasing numbers of staff before moving on to the next stage. The pricing concept is based on payment of core services plus some management overhead.

Partnership or Company Formation

MEI can provide services on a continuous basis without time limits if the flexible arrangements under other options are deemed to be workable. The aim is to get client companies fully registered and established in a target country or mega event cities. This can be achieved by running due diligence on potential partnerships and making recommendations with properly organised collaboration meetings and project management as follow up. An alternative strategy is acquisition and again MEI can provide support for this process. Finally, there may be sufficiently compelling evidence for MEI Clients to form a company in their own right. In all cases, MEI will be using the support of our Legal partners, Nabas Legal, who have significant experience of supporting international companies.

This exclusive menu of support for our clients is designed to drive out risk and to put in place a managed process to make informed key decisions. It also allows an immediate presence to be put in place and get some early representation in-country at the lowest possible cost of entry. Clients who are serious about entering a new mega event market will have the confidence that their investment is clearly bound within key decision points, operating to a fully controllable and predictable budget and with MEI providing independent advice and a full range of support options.

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