Brazil Sports Consultancy - Virtual Office

Companies who want to rapidly demonstrate their intent to win sports business tenders or have a presence in bid cities or a target country can use our expertise as a Brazil sports consultancy at home and abroad.

brazil sports consultancyOur virtual office service includes phones answered in your company name, mail forwarding or monitoring service, and a presence on our Brazilian Major Sports Events site ( in the supplier directory. 50% discount on our Major Events Network membership is also applicable. MEI staff can also provide other specialist support under separate arrangements (see below).

Separate Arrangements:

Companies will initially be unclear about the volume of contact and support needed by MEI and prospective customers. The Virtual Office option provides the core framework of support but can be enhanced by coming to separate commercial agreements with us for staff support, use of desk space and meeting rooms or support during bespoke missions. By pre-agreeing the scope of work and costs, Clients will have full control over their investment.

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